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UNION/YOGA 200h Classic Teacher Training

Conscious, compassionate, communicative, and perceptive yoga training.

  • Started May 8
  • 3,000 US dollars
  • The Faerie House, Northport, MI. Commuter style: No lodging included. 28 days!

Service Description

Your work is an expression of who you are in this world. Your work is your karma yoga–the yoga of your actions. Your work is your dharma, your highest purpose. This is your invitation to prepare yourself to receive the blessings and benefits of a life of sharing yoga with others. SOME OF WHAT UYTT 200 INCLUDES: ❦ The chakra system: metaphysics and energetics of yoga ❦ Ashtanga (the eight limbs) of Transcendence: yama (discipline), niyama (restraint), asana (anatomy/ physiology of yoga postures, postural alignment, safe assisting, adjusting and coaching of asanas), pranayama (breathing awareness and technique), pratyahara (sense withdrawal), dharana (concentration), dhyana (meditation), and samadhi (rapture) ❦ the eight paths of yoga/union: Bhakti (love), Karma (action), Jnana (knowledge), Kriya (purification), Hatha (sun/moon equanimity), Mantra (sound), Samnyasa (renunciation), and Raja (the royal path of all) ❦ tattvas, koshas, gunas ❦ history and philosophy of yoga ❦ Sanskrit language ❦ classic yogic scriptures ❦ somatics of yoga ❦ biodynamics of yoga ❦ pacing and structuring a class/semester/year ❦ ethics for teachers ❦ marketing/advertising ❦ business record keeping and taxation for the self-employed ❦ special guest yoga teachers and wholistic professionals. REREQUISITES ❦ Two year’s consistent yoga practice. ❦ The UYTT registration form completed and submitted for approval. ❦ Payment in full before April 15, 2022. ❦ Prerequisite for UYTT 500 Master Level is completion of all requirements of UYTT 200. REQUIREMENTS FOR COMPLETION of UYTT 200 ❦ Show up: Attendance at each scheduled class meeting. ❦ Do the work: Completion of all homework, online, class participation and practicum assignments. ❦ Teach: 3 public teaching experiences. UYTT Certificate of Completion is presented at the graduation ceremony 10/8/22. We retain the right to withhold certification if full participation and assignments are incomplete. REQUIRED TEXTS Tuition fee does not include the costs of required or suggested texts. List of texts will be given upon approved registration. TUITION UNION/YOGA 200 Hr Classic Teacher Training certification tuition fee is $3000. Your non-refundable deposit of $125 will be deducted from your total tuition. Deposit is paid online with your Registration Form. The balance of $2875 may be paid by cash, check or Venmo: and is due by April 15, 2022. UYTT starts May 8, 2022. Graduation is Oct. 8! Namaste.

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2521 S Maple Valley Rd, Suttons Bay, MI 49682, USA