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Incorporating mindfulness into your yoga

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

Somatic practices are already meditative. Yoga, as a somatic (body/mind) practice gives greater awareness, satisfaction, and joy.

"Every breath has a movement. Every movement has a breath." When we practice yoga, we are practicing, not performing. We are letting go of appearance and becoming more and more introspective and self-aware. More mindful. More real. Svadyaya is the practice of coming to know yourself through study and practice. To come to "know thyself–" all of our strengths, self-deceptions, games, and truths is to know consciousness itself, and be that. It may take a lifetime or many lifetimes. What better reason to practice?

Begin Where You Are

First, just know that you are breathing. Feel the breath. Where does it touch the inside of your body? Where is it blocked?
Then, move in a way that allows the breath to touch more of the inside of you. This is mindfulness. This is meditation. This is yoga.

Yoga can be practiced anywhere. You don't need a mat. You don't need a block, strap, or blanket. You don't need a special outfit. All you need to do is be still for a moment to connect with your body and your breath, then move your body in the rhythm of your breathing.

Household Yoga is Yoga, too

Washing a dish, lifting a child, eating lunch, pulling weeds. Practice mindfully pairing your breath with your movement. Don't worry about "technique" or "correct posture." Trust your body and your breath to show you how to create the most space inside, and the greatest connection with your world.

Astonish, Amaze and Delight YourSelf

Every breath has a movement. Every movement has a breath. .

Taking your yoga off the mat and into the world will enrich your life in every way. Yogic meditation in every motion allows your life to play out in a sacred, devotional design. Whether you are making love, or changing a poopie diaper, washing the car or cleaning the basement, every moment is real and precious, wild and wonderfully free.

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