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Home Alone... Practicing

Starting a home practice is easy. Sustaining a home practice is a place most of us never get to. Here are 5 steps to help you start and hopefully sustain a home practice:

  1. First, make a sacred space. This will be your lovely home yoga space. Even if it's in an empty closet, create a dedicated space where you feel safe, quiet and protected. This is your launch pad.

  2. Create a little ritual to start. Set up your props within easy reach. Light a candle or incense, perhaps. Tune up some calm, instrumental music... or chanting. Unroll your mat. Ring your Self in with a chime, or bell, or singing bowl.

  3. Then, just be there. Lie down or sit quietly. Don't expect anything. Let your energy enter your space. Let your aura light the place. Don't do; Be.

  4. Watch your breath for awhile. See what happens. Again, don't expect anything. Just watch.

  5. Then when you feel the impulse to move, sync movement with the rhythm of your breathing. Feel what your body wants. Move and breathe in whatever way comes naturally. Feel your whole self moving. You cannot make a mistake. This is you, practicing yoga.

  6. When you feel complete, exit the way you came in. Return to stillness, quietude, and acceptance. Notice how you feel.

  7. Namaste.

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