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Full Moon Moment

Tonight is the full moon.

Every day when I awake, I’m profoundly grateful and amused to be here. After experiencing an ischemic stroke less than four months ago, every day has become more of a wonder, and more wonderful. And more of a mystery.

I’m not sure there ever could have been a beginning, as in “In the Beginning.” Nor am I convinced that there could be an “edge” to the Universe. Then, I wonder, what’s beyond the edge? Even if it’s nothing, that’s something. I think about these things.

Yoga has given me some solace, as it explains the mythical mechanics of the entire cosmos and its continual, ever-changing renewal. It gives me comfort that my physical presence is here for just a short time before it will disintegrate physically and return back to whence it came. It's all a continuous, magical happening. And we get to see it all.

Reality continuously occurs, according to quantum physics and the Shiva Samhita, (300-1500 CE, passage II.54) through a series of progressive and recessive steps (tattvas) by which God/Goddess (or whatever you call THAT) allows Itself to be diminished from pure potential to solid, material evidence. Then transforms itself back into no-thing. Continuously.

We, and everything manifest become “real” through a distillation process. God/Goddess becomes real by becoming all that is. She/He limits itself, becomes less, in order to be more splendidly present and evident. In this way, we get to be. We are made up of, and an expression of the cosmic dance of life. What appears is already dissolving on some microcosmic level.

The body is briefly formed from spirit. It is distilled from pranic energy spiraling down (as from “heaven’) through each tattva, or step, becoming more concentrated, and more dense until finally, reaching the last, elemental stage, spirit culminates in the element of Earth, or solidity. We become. The earth/manifest level is the last step in the tattvic out-pouring. The saying, “We are spiritual beings, having a physical experience,” aptly describes the process.

Each of us exists already and always on an energetic level before our own physical body manifests. We are energetic beings, whose bodily structure is brought forth according to a unique, predetermined “blueprint.” The blueprint for each embodied human being is formed on a quantum level first, before the physical body takes the predestined form. Each body vehicle is unique and predetermined by your life purpose (dharma), past actions (karmas), and imbued through genetic heritage. Yoga says there is no mistake about the parents, the life and the body you got. It’s all the perfect set up for your enlightenment, or your disintegration and merging back to God/Goddess.

Each human system, such as yours, has common basic structural components within its energetic plan. We are each a variation of the same fundamental outline, of the same universal theme: God/Goddess made manifest.

The energy, which glues, or sustains our being is called prana. Prana is the universal life force underlying and moving all creation. Prana exists in every thing, whether sentient or unconscious, live or inert. Prana, infused within each being, ignites its vehicle, or body/mind with life itself. It is the circulation of prana, in and out of the major and minor energetic centers, chakras, and along energetic streams, nadis, which maintains aliveness.

There are said to be 72,000 (or 108,000- or more) nadis comprising each physical body, forming an intricate pattern and energetic field known as the pranamayakosha. This energetic field vibrates and reflects the quality of energy it carries. It is a reflection of our thoughts and beliefs. Pranamayakosha, the sheath of energy and emotion may actually be perceived as the aura, or colored light emanating from and surrounding a human being. Like the halo depicted in paintings of saints, we are all crowned by Creation.

Prana spins, spirals, circulates and collects in whirlpool-like vortices throughout the physical manifestation. It curls and eddies itself in and outward, like a highway interchange. It flows especially powerfully in certain areas around our essential organs. These spinning areas, known as the chakras, have been noted as far back as medieval times.

This body we get, which we are so privileged and lucky to move through and with, is the basis of yoga teachings and practice. Its a mystery and a wonder. The body invites us in to the the more subtle realms of ourselves and our world. Look around you today. Invite yourself in. Remember where you came from.


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