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Last Tuesday, November 29, 2022, at 8AM, I had a stroke.


I never expected that to happen.

What a shock. Wonderingly, I'm still here. At this profound juncture, my life is forever changed. For the better.

It was about 8AM. I had a class to teach at 9:00. Oops. Missed that.

Field and I were in the kitchen. I went to the coffee pot to pour a cup, and as I was standing there in my nightgown I turned and asked Field a question. He replied, "What did you say?" I repeated my question. I knew it wasn't coming out right. I felt like I had a frog in my throat. He came over to me and asked me to repeat something back to him. Gobble-dee-gook. "You're having a stroke."

He wasn't kidding. Thanks to Field's superhero-quick recognition of my symptoms, here I am, alive, whole and well. And so, so lucky.

Before 11AM I had come through emergency surgery to remove a blood clot in my brain. ICU is the place to be after an "event' like this. I was there for 3 days. Then a day in cardiac rehab. The staff at #Munson was stellar– kind, respectful, thorough and compassionate... doing everything for me. How humbly I feel such deep gratitude for the care I was given. Dr. Gary Rajah literally saved my life.

I'm home now and I'm fine. Yes, I'll have some followup therapy. The process of complete healing will take as long as it does. Yoga and meditation are helping so much.

This is a gift. An opportunity to retune my life. I'm feeling kind of an excitement around what lies ahead.

My heart has flung open with the huge outpouring of love from all of you. Thank you for coming to my aid, for food and cards and flowers, hugs and such love.

Love heals all. Merry Merry. Happy Solstice. Return to the Light.

Namaste. Sandra

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