Sandra Carden, ERYT-500 founded UNION/YOGA LLC in 1989 when she opened the doors to the first dedicated Yoga studio in Michigan. She has studied and taught yoga classes since the early 1970s. Sandra adheres to the true power and spirit of yoga- it s a practice, not a performance. She brings a depth of experience, precision, compassion, wisdom, respect, and love to her students.

Sandra welcomes and looks forward to serving all of you, in-person and online, privately or at public venues. 

Please contact her at sandra@unionyoga.com.

We all have a story to share.
My yoga story began
before I knew the word "yoga." 
Yoga means to yoke or to bind. It is UNION.
But, the mystery is that yoga serves to yoke what was never separated at all.
Yoga just wakes you up and makes you re-member yourSelf, whole and alive, perfect, strong, and ever-changeable.
Yoga is Union.
That's why I founded UNION/YOGA. 

Sandra Carden


UNION/YOGA offerings by Sandra Carden, ERYT 500


UNION/YOGA classes are enhancement toward the true experience of yoga. Yoga is finding enlightenment through knowing your Self. You are a process, and so is yoga. Yoga is the process of enstacy: ecstacy that comes from within.

Yoga doesn't have any affect if you simply read about it

or just watch it.

Please keep practicing.

You may come and go as you please by dropping into

my in-person classes in Suttons Bay and Northport, MI. Click above to see the full schedule. 

Namaste. See you soon!

Teacher Training


Teacher Training is not merely asana, or even pranayama. UYTT encompasses the full spectrum of what yoga has to offer: UNITY and COMMUNION with oneself and all of what is. 

UYTT is 200 hours in two,

2-week sessions:

May 8-21, 2022

September 25-October 8, 2022

Maybe you never plan to teach. What if you did this for your own betterment? What if you did this for the world? 

This is for you, and your world.

Don't miss out.

Do this for all of us.


UNION/YOGA workshops take you deeper into a specific  aspect of yoga than can be covered in a class setting. They are an inquiry, and an unpacking. They are an experiential awareness of the body/mind connection. 


Steady and Mindful Core 
Northport, MI

September 30, 2022

1:30-3:30 PM

$35 online here

or venmo: sandra-carden-8


Inner Inquiry


Inner Inquiry is modeled on Jungian Psychology and the Phoenix Rising method.

You are the guide, as well as the receiver of deeply known wisdom about your self in all your realms. UNION/YOGA Inner Inquiry acknowledges that you are always complete and free. You just have to uncover what is in the way. 

By appointment and in person only. sandra@unionyoga.com

Private and Semi- Private Instruction

Sandra Carden's UNION/YOGA may be best for you in a one-on-one, or in a

semi-private setting. 

If a "pod" appeals to you and your close cohorts, you may book a class for any special occasion, or an ongoing series as a  small, supportive group.

By appointment only, in person or by Zoom. Contact me at

sandra@unionyoga.com or text 231-883-8095


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