People are talking about UYTT

Initials were used where provided.

"The class was great! I love the fast pace and the challenge of the “work out!” The small classes are great! Cool Music!"

"I enjoyed the exploring of the mind/body connection and particularly the emphasis on alignment, posture and focused breathing."

"I believe Yoga could benefit all that truly were open to it. I think Sandy is a wonderful teacher, as well as a beautiful person."

"I liked learning how the postures 'feel,' and having time to really learn them."  

"I’m a whiney Yogi– my body whines with every posture, except at 'naptime.' I’m in my 80’s, so am probably not a very good person to evaluate! I’ll keep coming back and probably will always whine at moving my stiff body, so just bear with me! I know I 'need' it, or my body wouldn’t whine!"

"I like the attention on breathing because it’s something I can focus on throughout the day."

"I like the good stretches, being more mindful of sitting, bending, standing erect, and remembering to breathe!"

"I love the atmosphere!"

"Great teacher, good locations. Keep up the great job!"

"Sandy’s way of teaching is wonderful!"

"The whole atmosphere of our space…good exploration of posture, great patience of teacher…warm feeling of spirituality. Everyone should experience Yoga with Sandy- what a 'treasure' she is to her students. She makes everyone feel comfortable about themselves–very supportive."

"I loved Sandy’s talking us into deeper and deeper awareness of all our 'sheaths;' the possibility of transformation."

"As always, I really value the depth and the supported alternatives for the poses. Sandy is a warm, professional thorough teacher. I have enjoyed her classes for 10 years."

"I like the integration of breathwork, movement and spiritual aspects. Yoga asana practice is integrative movement, while it encourages openness and expansiveness."

"Such peace on leaving class. Sharing the experience with others."

" loved the 'knowledge' with the Yoga–the dialogue. Truly loved it all. Michi did a fantastic job as a sub. I’m anxious to re-enroll. Thank you, Sandy!"

"I enjoy all the background info provided during class, the stories and philosophy. I love hearing the Sanskrit names of the poses."

"I love Sandy’s promptings for deeper thought while helping us improve our connection–physical and spiritual."

"Class is well run and organized. Well thought-out lessons with nice sense of goals and development. Precision in teaching postures. I have enjoyed all of the teachers. We’re lucky to have this level of teaching available in this area."

"I like the challenge of advanced poses. Sandy is such a great teacher. I love every minute in her classes."

"The knowledge, the intuitive nature of the teaching, the atmosphere and the energy of the space– all great! I continue to require this practice as part of my life– I’m fortunate U/Y is here in Leelanau!"

"I enjoy the advanced poses, the enthusiastic classmates and teacher. Sandy is a gifted, sympathetic and enthusiastic teacher."

"I liked out practices that moved through chakras, bottom to top."
"I feel like the advanced classes have 'stepped up' a notch. I love the educational information about Yoga, the chakras, energy flow, and the body. The studio space is comforting and there is a level of fun.
When you practice with the best it’s hard to work with others, but when we have had subs I have always learned from them. I love you, Sandy! Namaste. Many thanks!"

"I love the chakra work! Sandy, I have appreciated your words during this last session. I have felt nurtured, challenged and loved. Thank you.
I’m excited about the prospect of chakra workshops, more intensive chakra work."

"Taking two classes–beginning Yoga and Yin Yoga gave me an opportunity to have clearer contrasts, at this time I my life, about various ways to be in relationship with my body/mind and mind/body. It was great! I also love the time in each Yin Yoga pose where I can really have good conversations with body/mind. Thank you for what you are doing. Namaste."

"I loved Yin Yoga. I liked how positions were held, allowing our bodies to 'settle' into the poses. I LOVE the music."

"I liked the Yin, non-forceful approach. A very useful joining of breath, mind and asana."

"Yin Yoga works best!"

"Yin Yoga was a new and very valuable experience. It was great mind clearing work and the gentle postures helped several of my physical aches and pains."

"What worked for me? Physical as well as spiritual lessons and interpretations– Inner work with physical work."

"Level 2 and Yin Yoga were both great. I appreciate hearing about what the postures do, and pronunciation in Sanskrit. I love all the variety and Sandy’s expertise. I appreciate starting on time and being reminded to be mindful."

"I loved how the weeks progressed- the chakras and knowledge. I am loving the progress I am feeling and am looking forward to more. Sandy is an exceptional teacher. Thank you."

"Everything about class works for me. A great class and the most awesomest teacher ever. I feel great gratitude. The class makes a huge difference in every part of my life."

"What worked? Everything! Honestly! I was very impressed with her level of teaching. Thank you, Sandy, you are a wonderful teacher and a gift to the world."

"Sandy’s instructional methods are great!"
"I love having a 'regular' Ashtanga class available. Can’t say enough about how caring, sensitive, thorough and knowledgeable Sandra is as a teacher.

"I like the beautiful rituals, the conscious breathing, the body’s response to feeling nurtured and Sandra’s thoughtful teachings.
I especially love when the teacher attends to us individually at the end of the practice. The adjustments to our laying down posture feels wonderful and the human touch is reassuring and beautiful."

"I like the demonstrations of each pose and the comfort level with the instructor. I like the non-competitiveness."

"The concept of a men’s Yoga class is so critical for older men’s flexibility…we need to keep working on recruiting the needy! I liked the emphasis on the importance of breathing in all the poses, and the practice being about knowing your body, not forcing things, but using the breath to assist you in getting to new places in your practice."