Monday, September 20, 2021

Welcome Back to (YOGA) School!

We all need to tend our gardens.

Namaste, and Welcome Back to School.


Yoga School!


I've so enjoyed classes with you, both online and in person this past summer season. As we feel the turn of the earth toward a new season of bountiful harvest, I invite you to tend to your garden. The body is just like a garden, which must be nourished and weeded, watered and given room to flourish. The yogin is like a farmer, attending to those very needs, every single day, with attention to everything that is required and intention toward a full bloom and harvest.


The purpose of yoga is to sow the seeds of purposeful action, then to clear the body of invaders and open the pathways of irrigation, or life force (prana), should they be blocked by disease or stagnating energy. We fuel the body with nutrients and breath. We stimulate to release toxins which may inhibit our overall wellbeing. We practice yoga, like a farmer, to yield bountiful growth and an abundant harvest of good. This is karma, the yoga of action. Please join me on the mat.


My classes may be found on Namaste, and thank you for practicing. I look forward to seving you in good, robust health. 


Namaste, Sandra