Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Yoga, Fascia, Yin and You

Years ago, we were taught that fascia, or connective tissue was like saran wrap around the muscles, keeping them delineated and moisturized so as to slide and work more smoothly. 

With the advent of microscopic technology, and a deeper understanding of the human body as a living, breathing, interconnected and ever-responding system, we now view fascia as a complete integrated unity. Fascia surrounds and supports every muscle, ligament, tendon, bone, organ, and cell. It is one continuous net running through every part from head to toe, from outermost to innermost. 

Rather than a series of mechanical functions, the human body is a whole system that fluidly adapts and responds to all its internal and external environments. It quite instantaneously responds to what you are thinking. 

My interest, and thus my classes, have shifted in focus from an outer appearance to an inner experience. Yoga means union. 

Practice slowly and deeply, gracefully and mindfully with me to connect and unify with your Self, from head to toe, from skin to marrow. It's high time to hit the mat.

May classes are by way of MOXIE https://moxie.xyz/sandra on Mondays and Fridays. 

May OUTDOOR classes are live and in-person Wednesdays and Saturdays at Leo Creek Preserve https://leocreekpreserve.com/  PLEASE NOTE THAT OUTDOOR CLASSES WILL NOT BE HELD IF THE TEMP IS BELOW 48 OR IF IT IS RAINING.

June-August classes are the same as above, plus Tuesdays and Thursdays on MOXIE https://moxie.xyz/sandra with an option of in-person for a maximum of 4 individuals only.

My full MOXIE schedule may be seen here: 


Namaste and love to all of you!