Wednesday, February 17, 2021


    One of the greatest challenges facing both seasoned and newbie yoga practitioners during this winter of 2021 is how to keep our yoga practice alive. When you enter a studio and unroll your mat, it's like settling down on a magic carpet that will reliably whisk you away to a place where you know you'll feel better. Practicing at home, on the other hand, includes the challenge of anchoring your awareness internally, on yourself, when so many distractions tug your mind outwardly. Dishes in the sink. Bills to pay. Family to tend. Taxes to file. Distractions niggle and the mind wanders. Pretty soon, you realize it's hopeless, and you simply give up and get on with the “important” work of your day.

    It's challenging for teachers, too. I didn't think I'd like teaching online. Honestly, I couldn't even understand how it could work. Yoga has forever been passed from teacher to student, one-on-one, in an unbroken lineage. Keeping the transmission pure, like whispering a grand secret to a dear and trusted generation, is assuring it will will carry on beyond your own teaching. 

    Now, with the “even playing field” of thousands of yoga teachers vying for a presence in the virtual world, seasoned teachers are presented side-by-side with untested instructors– instructors newly hatched who may look a lot younger–and cuter. How do we, as committed yoga educators, distinguish ourselves, so that we can best serve and expand our student community? How, I wondered, can we honor and benefit you, without eye contact, subtle unspoken body language, personal adjustments and one-to-one encouragement and coaching?

    And yet–somehow it's working! The transmission is getting through. Students are happy to be sharing, learning, and practicing without the support of a dedicated space. It's not ideal, but it is working. You are pushing aside furniture and making a space for yoga at home. 

    You are greeting one another across miles and time zones, chatting up before class, maybe more than you would have inside a studio. Some new students are way more comfortable at home in their jammies, than in a public space– and that works, too. You are joining up and creating a world-wide bond, a matrix of like-mindedness that is centered upon the agreement that taking care is important. Especially now. I commend you all, and I smile within.

    It's because, I believe you are creating a true community. You care about your self and one another. You have shown that we, as a yoga community, are adaptable. Resilient. Flexible!

    As we move forward, yoga will, no doubt, be offered as more of a hybrid-access. The Leelanau County yoga teachers I have come to know well, and love deeply, through Yoga4 and UNION/YOGA are stepping up and reaching out to you–our long-time students, even as we welcome new ones. We have created a circle of wellness practitioners, dedicated to enhancement of your well-being. You will find all of us at Leelanau Wellness Collective,,as well as on social media. 

    We may not have a brick-and-mortar home, but we bring yoga to you, in your own home. Your Om Home. Please check this out. I look forward to seeing you soon. 



SANDRA's YOGA in your own HOME:     

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