Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Seeing You in the 5th Dimension!

As we all get more familiar with practcing Yoga from home, I am completely in awe of the fact that we are all connected on the etheric plane. Yoga teaches, through the ontological outline of the Tattvas the means by which spirit becomes manifest. Through a series of step-downs, or condensations, what was spirit becomes more and more compressed until it becomes material. We, and everything we can see, hear, taste and touch, are a braided combination of elements. We, and everything else, are Earth, Wind, Fire, Water and Air. With the blossoming of the World Wide Web of Energy we enter and connect in Space/Time. We all join a unified matrix of energetic connection in the same etheric place and the same moment, even if we are not physically together. It is with such awe that I feel at the wonder of it all. I am so grateful that we can meet, from wherever we are on the physical plane, in a field of joined energy and awareness. As our web grows and expands, we are all supported ever more and more through our combined agreement. Thank you for your conscious place in this yoga circle of acknowledgement and joy. Namaste!