Thursday, May 7, 2020

Hang on to Your Center!

There is so much to be gleaned in times when we are afforded more space, more quietude, more time, and more time in nature. 

With "distancing" you may appreciate more awareness of how things actually are. You may notice that, in spite of any threat, there is available a place of solace and ease inside oneself.

Yoga (meaning Union with All) is the portal to that place inside your deepest being, like the eye of the storm, where you know, in your stillness, that you are okay.

Beneath the onslaught of sensory signals, there is wide-open peace.

Practice. Practice your brand of yoga, so that you are operating from a place of presence. Able to respond to whatever the moment brings. Response-ability, rather than reaction.

Yoga is a true and reliable means of staying balanced and unaffected by the tsunami of wild change. This dependable place of easy centered-ness is always right here, right now. It always available to you, no matter the weather, time of day, who you are, what you have, who you know, or what you need to get there.

Life is full of wondrous things, both attractive and repulsive. That's just the way of it. The trick is to not be so attached to either, but to cultivate aplomb. Take your time. Find your center. Balance there, and ride the wave.

Let's just do this: I invite you to practice with me. Go to <> to see my virtual live classes on Zoom and archived classes, free and on demand, through YouTube. 

I bow to you. May the Force of Life be With YOU. Namasté.