Friday, April 5, 2019

YIN YOGA: Shine Your Light in Naples!

YIN Yoga

Unlocking the Liquid Crystal Matrix Within


Naples, FL
May 5, 201912:30-3:30 PM  

Yin Yoga is opposite of Yang Yoga. It is not a workout. It is not exercise. It will not enhance your ego.

Yin Yoga (or Taoist Yoga) is nature-based, organic and easy, yet very deep and transformational. Yin yoga is not for the workout, but for the work of yoga, which is to discover your habitual and limiting patterns and to set your Self free.

Throughout our Yin Yoga practice of self-realization, we will embrace all 8 Limbs (ashtanga) of yoga: Yama (5 promises to the world), Niyama (5 promises to yourself), Asana (bodily movement and poses), Pranayama (fueling breath), Pratyahara (falling into introspection/insight), Dharana (quiet concentration), Dhyana (receptive contemplation) and Samadhi (surrender to bliss).

Yin Yoga penetrates all 5 realms of being (koshas): physically cleansing and remodeling, energetically calming and clearing, mentally quieting and clarifying, psychologically unifying, and spiritually enhancing connection to Source.

Physically, we will access and release connective tissue through the asanas. We will proceed through the 7 chakras (energetic vortices) to cleanse and release long-held knots (granthis) and impediments.

Energetically, our realignment will open and channel the life force (prana), expanding the electromagnetic current throughout the meridians (nadis) and creating the “diamond body” (vajra deha).

Mentally and Emotionally, with focused breathing, the mind is stilled and clarified, erasing negativity and doubt, depression and anxiety, preparing the way for visionary accomplishment.

Spiritually, the coursing of prana awakens the impetus to expand (kundalini shakti), shine, and to feel your oneness with Oneness.

Yes… Yin will give you greater range of motion in your joints, expanded elasticity in your connective tissue, enhanced mental acuity and intuition. Yin Yoga will even give you confidence and peace of mind.

But, even greater still, Yin Yoga will turn you on.

Quantum physics holds that your body is a liquid crystal matrix, simply a receiver of vibrational input and a conductor of the expression of you– your own unique and particular frequency. Your job, as a yogi, is to tune in. Tune your instrument.

Attune, and get out of your own way. Broadcast your unique radiant, gift to the world. When we are attuned to our own highest frequency, we spread that light. One breath, one soul at a time, we can illuminate the way (Tao) before us. Please join us!

$55      May be adapted for all levels. CEUs offered for Yoga Alliance Teachers

NOTE: THIS WORKSHOP IS AT THE SOUTH STUDIO, 1800 Tamiami trail E., Naples Bay Resort
Sign up at Yoga House:, or call 239-598-1938, 
or online with the MINDBODY app.

Sandra Carden, ERYT, has studied and taught yoga and yoga philosophy for almost 50 years.