Thursday, January 17, 2019

YoFlo - Juicing Up Your Connective Tissue!

“Tissue organization determines the flow of information... Closed systems deteriorate.”
  –Emilie Conrad, founder of Continuim
           Fascia is the new buzzword in all realms of bodywork and somatic practices, including yoga. What is fascia, or connective tissue? Why is it important to know the role connective tissue plays in overall health and vitality?

            Where we once described fascia as the thin wrapping around muscles, we now know, through modern high-powered magnification, that fascia wraps around and through muscles, bones, organs, lymph, blood, and water. Fascia runs deep, down to the cellular and subcellular levels. Fascia determines our shape. Fascia holds us together. Fascia connects everything to everything. Fascia, in yoga parlance, is the superhighway of life’s energy, instantly responsive, transmitting the very essence of life itself- prana. Where there is a knot or impediment in flow, there is a disturbance in the transmission of prana, or life-force.

          Your myofascial meridians are the “trains” or pathways of ever-changing, vibrating, pulsing liquid crystal continuity throughout the body (and the universe, for that matter). Everything is connected to everything, down even beyond the cellular level and out beyond the edges of the universe. We are part of a universal living matrix. Your own body, your ever-responding Living Matrix is your home. It defines you and you live and breathe. It keeps you together. It gives you head-to-toe longitudinal awareness of where you are in space – proprioception ­– where YOU ARE NOW. Here.  And ‘here’ is continually in flux.
            These lines of transegrity (Buckminster Fuller’s name for this web of life force) “pull” along muscle delineation as a result of load-bearing, resulting in extension of the strain and a counter-rebound, providing elasticity and stability to the human life-unit. All movement affects the anatomy trains and what you have been doing (or not) invariably shows up in your body. Yoga can affect the anatomy trains on purpose, to strengthen, stabilize, realign, energize, feed and cleanse the tissues, both soft and firm.  

Please join Sandra Carden of UNION/YOGA for YoFlo, a yoga practice stemming from an understanding of Anatomy Trains, and the magnitude of influence this may have on your yoga practice. We will incorporate awareness of fascial lines into a practice designed to enhance the flow of electro-magnetic energy, increasing range of motion, vitality, breath and relaxation.  
         Saturday morning, January 19, 2019, from 10 AM until 1:00 PM at Yoga4 in Lake Leelanau. Please bring your yoga mat, 2 yoga blocks, 2 yoga blankets, and a strap and a curious mind.
$55. In advance or at the door

            This workshop is suitable for both teachers and students of yoga. Three CEUs are awarded to Yoga Alliance registered teachers.


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