Thursday, October 25, 2018

A Deeper Look at Connective Tissue Through Yin Yoga

anatomical assistant Holly, Tom Myers, fellow student Amanda, assistant Laurie, and myself

Anatomy Trains, by Thomas W. Myers, has served as my entry-level understanding of the role of connective tissue as the supportive and morphic matrix composing the entire human body. 

I have recently been fortunate to deepen my awareness of this beautiful, intricate complex in a two-day human dissection live course with Myers at the Boulder Institute for Anatomical Enlightenment. This was a profoundly moving and, yes, enlightening experience. I bow to those who graciously donated their bodies so that we somanauts could better understand a bit more of the mystery of human life. 

Tom Myers defines fascia, or connective tissue as the "biomechanical autoregulation system," or BARS. Tom studied tensegrity design with Buckminster Fuller. The same architectural principals of the geodesic dome apply to the human system. Tom writes in Anatomy Trains, "It appears that cells assemble and stabilize themselves via tensional signaling, that they communicate with and move through the local surroundings...and that the musculo-fascial-skeletal system, as a whole, functions as a tensegrity." Everything is connected to everything else. When one cell is pressed upon, all others align to react, respond, adapt and support the tension. We grow in the shape we are leaning into.

Tom's take on whether this matrix is "conscious," or simply a neuro-muscular transmission is yet to be determined. I, myself, tend to lean toward an acknowledgment of a vast intelligence, of some unknown Source, working through humankind on a cellular and subcellular level. But, hey, that's just me.

"Anatomy Trains" are the streamings of connective tissue and energetic sparking (think nadis or meridians) that criss-cross and span the entire body from skin and bones, organs and into the seas of intracellular fluids. Anatomy Trains allow, through this inner-spatial relationship, for communication of ALIVENESS. Conscious, controlled movement, creating an "even tone across the myofascial meridians," results in optimal cellular health and overall well-being. Yoga does this brilliantly. Through Yin Yoga, we go beyond mere "stretching," to a level of increased awareness, washing free of old patterns, and a fresh new reshaping of vital tissues.  

November 17, 2018, from 10:30 AM-3:30 PM 
for a program of yoga practice, discussion and introspection into
your own unique matrix of life–your connective tissue. 

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30-Hour Yin Yoga Certification  August 2018 Class of  at Yoga4, Lake Leelanau, MI