Monday, July 13, 2015

UNION/YOGA Teacher Certifications– since 1997

We're very excited about the Yoga4 studio opening at the former UNION/YOGA site in Lake Leelanau– and getting close to the start of UYTT 200 Classic on September 19, and UYTT 300 Master (formerly called "500") on August 28. See more at, and on the sidebar, left.

The published scientific studies affirming the benefits of yoga continue day by day. We are at a major threshold in worldwide recognition and acceptance of yoga therapy and teaching as a valid and professional career touching all aspects of healthcare and well-being, beneficial from childhood through final breath.

UNION/YOGA Teacher Certification has been serving serious yogis since 1997. No matter if you wish to teach yoga or simply desire to enrich your own understanding and personal practice, UYTT will take you into the depths and breadth of yoga. This is not merely a teaching of asanas, but a comprehensive course encompassing all aspects of this ancient art, from physical to psychological, emotional and spiritual. This is not "fast food" yoga. This is a multi-course enrichment feast.

I am honored to provide the esteemed yogic tools for self-empowerment and transformation through UNION/YOGA Teacher Certification. Please email me at or call 231-256-2100. Christen Landry, director at Yoga4 is also available to answer you questions at 231-633-4453.

Namaste, I look forward to serving you as you serve the world through yoga.