Friday, July 31, 2015


Our UNION/YOGA Teacher Certification programs begin at Yoga4 in Lake Leelanau soon – both 200 hour Classic and 500 hour Master levels. 

I want to get one thing straight. I teach real yoga. It is my intention that those coming through this program experience real yoga. Whether you plan to teach yoga isn't important. That you intend to go deep is what counts.

Real yoga is not merely exercise. Nor is it mind/body exercise, but that's closer. Yoga is transformative and transcendent. Yoga uses the body as a portal to access deeper layers of self. Like setting a course over high seas, the intention is the realignment with your “true north,” your most honest, best, harmonious and full-blown healthy expression. Yoga helps you locate where you have gone off course and shows you how to find your way back to your stillpoint center. Everything improves when you are set on your sacred course.

There is no intermediary between you and your Source – the experience of true yoga is very personal, direct, immediate and brilliant.

Taking a yoga teacher training course is more about cleaning your lens so that you may see yourself more clearly, and clearing your vibratory self, opening your own expression in the world. This is not “Simon Says” yoga or show-off yoga.

UYTT 200 begins  September 19 and runs on weekends, about twice a month. Graduation is April 3.
UYTT 500 is 300 additional hours after your 200 certification. 500 starts on August 28 and runs as 4 9-day blocks. Graduation is February 21.  

See the sidebar (left) for your application form and all the other pertinent information.  

Namaste, it is a joy to share Real Yoga with you.