Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Head Over Heels Joy

During the next month I'm on the road again. I'll be teaching a workshop in Bellaire and a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Certification at Boyne Mountain Resort, Boyne Falls, MI. In mid-November I will return to teach on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 8:30 AM at Pure Prana Yoga in Leland, MI.

Meet me Saturday, October 19 from 1-4 PM at Parkside Arts Council and Gallery, in Bellaire for a yoga workshop specifically focused on bone health. We'll learn about the anatomy of bones and how to maintain the integrity of their strength and flexibility through a weight-bearing yoga practice. Cost is $45 for non teachers and $55 for yoga teachers requiring proof of CEUs for Yoga Alliance continuing education credits. Bring your mat, a 10' yoga strap, two yoga blocks, two yoga blankets, hand and ankle weights. Sign up by contacting me at sandy@unionyoga.com.

October 20-November 16 2013 I am proud to present the last  UNION/YOGA Classic 200 hour teacher certification at Boyne Mountain Resort. If you are able to support these students by attending their FREE public classes, please come to Boyne on November 2nd, 9th and 16th at 8 AM and 10 AM. You will be touched by their integrity, knowledge and care.

I have certified over 150 yoga teachers since the first UYTT 200 class in 1997. This would not have been possible without the support of the many graduates of UYTT who have assisted me and generously mentored the new students in their public class offerings. I would especially like to thank Reb Andrews, my right hand in UYTT, and Marsha Buhr the heart of my office and production efforts. Thanks to Carla Douros, Maureen Mead and Jackie Ankerson for sharing their expertise in Anatomy and Physiology. 

Thanks to Cynthia Snodgrass and Nell Hawley for their Sanskrit lessons. Blessings to Ram Dass, the late Chogyum Trungpa Rinpoche, Joel Kramer, Katherine Roth, Kathryn Holl, the late John Schneider, Sue Dilsworth, Mark Poletti, Matthew Darling, Julie Eckhardt, Dave Stringer, Geri Larkin, Leslie Kaminoff, Lori Boothroyd, Noah Levine, Pat Issacson, Mardi Black, JoAnna Pepe, Rama Berch, and  Joan Laird who were all part the evolution of UYTT in some big and lasting way.

My deep gratitude to all the graduates of UYTT 200 and 500, and the current class. Thank you for entrusting me in your yoga education. It has been a blessed journey with you as my wings. I am truly grateful.  
Namaste, Sandra

Birgit Adamofsky
Reb Andrews
Ashley Andrews-Starks
Jackie Ankerson

Jeanine Mamary Ball
Marrietta Bell
Jaime Beranek
Diane Bernier
Mardi Black

Melissa Irving Black
Susan Bolde
Lindsey Bonter
Rachael Boone
Michelle Bordeaux

Cary Maish Brodie
Sue Buck
Marsha Brunett Buhr
Dawn Buitenhuis
Kevin Burgam

Daryl Allison Busch
Leslie Butler
Cathy Caldwell-Bowman

Nichole Caldwell
Anne Cantrell

Jessica Myers Carden
Margaret Carignan

Cheri Carlton
Sara Carr
Lacey Chaput
Dar Charlebois

Kaitlin Christensen
Gretchen Cline

Pattie Coffaro
Cathy Colburn
Laurie LaRosa Cornell
Patty Corning
Tricia Craymer

Phyllis Crozier
Loretta Cwalinski
Pam Darling

Mary Gadbaw Davis
Sue Dilsworth
Colleen Durbin-Matrone

Patricia Bartlett Duzenberg
Martha Eldredge
Ruth Essig

Ashley Fehrmann
Robin Fisher

Lexie Forcier
Mary Frazier
Karen Freel
Nancy Gallagher
Kelly Garner
Sandra Gaunt
Tara Graeber
Carrie Gray

Will Haley
Lisa Ham
Diane Hash

Saryn Hettinger
Sharley Hower

Amy Hubbell
Barbara Huegli

Mark Huizenga
Linda Hundt
Pat Isaacson

Jocelyn Jarvis
Karen Jennings
Libby Kara

Judith Kearns-Steffen
Paul KelloggJames Kennedy
Daniella Kimble
Mariann Kirch 
Sara Melvin Knight
Sheryl Korthals
Amy Kowalak
Winter Kyvik
Christen Landry
Joanna Lauber
Angelyn Leaver
Jenny Lintvedt
Carole Loftis
Kim Lohr

Ashley Louisignau
Zoie Maczala
Larry Mawby

Aimée Meeker
Maureen Mead
Mitchell Mead
MaryK Monteith
Alice Montie

Cindra Moore
Barbara Moore
Mariana Mueller
Neely Neu

Tricia Olson
Kathyn Penfold
Petra Pepellashi

Angela Poneta-Dedenbach
Stephanie Prall

Pat Pritchard
Chris Rader
Tammie Ransom

Rebecca Reibel
Peachy Rentenbach

Casey Ressl
E. Gail Robinson
Anna Robles
Allison Rockey
Lindsey Rosen

Lara Ruddy
Jessica Ryan
Diane Abhaya Samarasinghe
Lisa Sandin
Kerry Satterwhite
Tina Sarkey
Timberly Saunders
Tara Sawdon
Pamela Schap
Susan Abbott Schmidt

Maggie Schoenfeld
Julie Schwalm
Stephanie Shepard

Faan Yeen Sidor
Kimberly Simon
Dorothy Sirrine

Barb Solomonson
Chérie Spaulding
Ann Spezia
Jo Spica

Chaio Jennifer St Charles
Anne Strand
Katie Sulau
Mike Sutherland
Ariel Sutter

Denise Swy
Molly Szafranski
Priscilla Tait
Patricia Thomas

Rebecca Thomas
Jeanne Tomlinson

Tammy Trowbridge
Shann VanderLeek

Sharon VanMullekom
Amy Vipond
Alicia Walker

Miranda White
Sara Williams
Brianne Wilson
Nora Wiser
Lillie Wolff
Sharon Shay Workman

Erika Wynn
Bonnie Zachary

Sharron Zimmerman