Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Willka T'ika Yoga Retreat Center, Sacred Valley, Peru

Lush, verdant, magical is the place called Willka T'ika, high in the mountains of Peru, ringed by sacred ancient lands. You will count this as the journey that somehow shifted your perspective forever. This is a place to come home to. In the deep quiet and serene skies you will come home to your self. 

It is not only the place, the crisp air and the brilliant gardens, it is the people. You will be guided in sacred ceremony, you will feel embraced by the customs and cultural ways. You meet with and feel immersed in this Earth-positive traditional way of life. 

Our journey begins on March 15, 2014, embarking from the USA to Lima, Peru. With Go Ahead Tours as our guide, we will travel to the Amazonian basin where we will travel by air, wheel and boat to places most travelers never see. We will learn about the ecosystem and the environment, the way of life and the handmade products so vital in supporting the local economy. We will visit with school children and have the opportunity to see and learn the age-old and world-reknowned weaving techniques of the region. 

On March 25 the yoga leg of our journey begins with a transfer from Juliaca to Cusco, and on to Willka T'ika Yoga Retreat Center. Our Magical Journey includes an overnight at the awe-inspiring ruins of Macchu Pichu. We fly home on April 1, 2014.

Click on the titles, Willka T'ika and Go Ahead Peru, left, to find daily details and prices for the two legs of the trip. You can sign up for either segment individually, or both.

Namaste and happy trails!