Monday, July 15, 2013

SUPing a Sirsasana: Headstand on Lake Michigan

1. If you can do head stand on the earth with no weight on your head: On the SUP, position the hands for headstand near the SUP center handle. Elbows under shoulder joints, hands interlaced behind the head. Exhale and walk the toes toward the armpits. Exhale again to tuck knees to chest. Exhale and just barely lift the toes to engage the core. Use your bandhas, both uddiyana and mula. Inhale to begin the ascent of the bent knees.

2. Begin to lift the knees, working on inhales. Press like crazy into the bones of your upper arms. Your dristhi is the inverted  horizon.

3. The heels fall behind the body as the knees continue to lift on inhales.

4. Gradually open the legs, working on inhales.

5. Almost there- straighten the legs.

6. Straighten the alignment. No weight on the head- it's core strength and upper arms. To descend, reverse the way you came in: Inhale to drop the heels behind your torso, then exhale to tuck the knees slowly toward the armpit-chest. Control the descent, easing your toes to the SUP, then bend the knees to touch down, and rest in balasana, child's pose. Namaste and happy summer!