Tuesday, December 11, 2012

UYTT 200 Class of Fall 2012

Solace Institute at Boyne Mountain Resort was just a spectacular setting for our Autumn 2012 200 hour Classic Teacher Certification program. You can only imagine the restorative experience in being free to study and practice yoga every day, all day, and then to have access to pool, whirlpool, steam and sauna each night. Not to mention amenities like massage, facials, and body wraps to enhance full attention to every detail of one's well-being. The luncheon each day was fresh and delicious. Boyne did a great job of hosting us.
Meet our new UNION/YOGA teachers:
Front– Lindsey Bonter of Pellston, Kaitlin "Mirabai" Christensen of Wyoming MI and Abeline TX, Daniella “Dakini” Kimble of Petoskey, Christine Rader of Cedar, Sandra Carden, ERYT 500 director, and Miranda White of Boyne City
Second Row– Marrietta Bell of Boyne City (class of Spring 2013), Diane Bernier of Boyne City and Johannesburg, Reb Andrews RYT 500 (instructor), Patty Corning of Interlochen, Zoie Maczala of Kalamazoo, and Ashley Louisignau of Harbor Springs
Rear– Maureen Mead, MD, RYT 500 (instructor), Laurie Cornell RYT 200 (instructor), Daryl Allison-Busch RYT 500 (instructor), Karen Stone Freel of Traverse City, Field Carden RYT 200 (instructor), Casey Ressl of Traverse City, and Mitchell Mead of Alpena

They are committed, smart, compassionate and trustworthy. Please support our UNION/YOGA teachers by signing up for a class today. 

We'll be back at Boyne Solace Institute again soon– Silent Retreat and the kick off to UYTT 500 is January 2-5 at The Inn at Bay Harbor! Further your commitment, yoga education and wellness. Join me in deep peace.