Monday, September 10, 2012

YogaKids International Founder, Marsha Wenig

Marsha Wenig, owner, creator and founder of YogaKids has been a warm friend since we met in the early '90's. Her husband, Don, and I were in the same class of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, graduating in early 1994. Over the years, I have enjoyed visits between their studio, Dancing Feet, in Indiana, and UNION/YOGA, and I have been honored to have Marsha offer YogaKids teacher certification here. Marsha has amazed me with the solidity of her YogaKids educational program. Her Master's degree from Rutgers University in early childhood education has aided her in designing and evolving the YogaKids curriculum. Marsha is retiring now, and looking for the right person to carry on the YogaKids legacy. Her friend Mary, and I met yesterday for a fabulous brunch at Patisseri Ami in Traverse City. Best wishes Marsha, for a world continuing to unfold in love and light! Contact Marsha at YogaKids International: