Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Denise supported by the heart of Arden
Anahata, the heart chakra, responds well to communion. It is the meeting of lower, base desires and needs with the desires and needs of the higher Self, and soul. The heart center draws spirit down to Earth and and draws Earth up to heaven. When we practice postures that affect the heart center, we must prepare the body first, taking care to open energetic channels incrementally, for a more reliable and long-lasting change of heart. Anahata asks us to take what we have learned about ourselves through exploration of the in lower chakras, and let it seat itself, stream through, and steam upward to unseal the heart with warmth, gratitude and forgiveness. Warm heartedness comes from trust of the lower centers and the willingness to soften our rigidity, go with the flow, and feel what we feel.
This morning’s dawn-breaking Summer Intensive class celebrated the opening of the heart. YA FATAH!
OPEN sesame ~ says me!