Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Pushing a Rope Uphill
Noticing the Gap, the space between, is a sure way to know whether you are pushing a rope uphill- trying to make something happen-or preparing for it, and then allowing things to unfold upon the ground you have so consciously laid. Think of the Gap as the space between perception and response. Instead of running on automatic, believing everything you think, just notice what you think. As soon as you are able to merely see your mind at work, something shifts. There is more space.

Your mind is continually creating it's ideas, plans, attractions and aversions, based on prior experiences and perceptions. That doesn't leave much room for growth. However, when it stops it's plotting, albeit briefly, there a space for something fresh, novel and exciting to happen. What happens is seeing things clearly, just as they are.

Seeing things just as they are, without attraction or aversion, gives better focus on the next best step. There is no fear. There is no desperate need. There is simply the brilliant idea. Once the idea is rooted in your consciousness (not your mind), as a clear non-egoic intention, you will know, in the next quiet moment, what to do about it. How to help it germinate and grow. If it is a good idea, if it helps the world evolve, it is brilliant. It will grow. The universe, or God, or whatever you call IT, will support a flowering. If not, the idea simply goes nowhere.

Take a moment, right now, to look at your big idea. Between your perception of the way things are, and your response to that, there is a Gap, a brief moment devoid of attachment and aversion, fear and hope. Every time you get caught up in the fear and hope surrounding your big idea, remember the Gap. Just sit with it, take it into your consciousness, fully formed and perfect. Sit, breathe, feel the pull of your mind on your emotions. Drop in to holding the space open, for whatever to be. This moment of inner vision will reveal and teach you so much. If you are continually running thoughts, you are continually hooked somewhere between attraction and aversion, hope and fear. If you can allow the Gap to open, you are no longer pushing a rope uphill, you are ascending to the mountaintop.